eLearning Services


Content solution

  1. Deliver e-learning content for organizations and educational institutions
    • Develop content for education and corporate learning (in-person and online)
      • Materials for in-person training - slide decks, handouts, trainer notes, and documentation
      • E-learning materials: Create engaging online courses with text, videos, assessments
    • Academic content: Create/Repurpose/Update learning material (such as assessments, course content, presentations) to an interactive and user-friendly format
    • Engage with instructional designers and SMEs to build course content
    • Convert classroom or in-person learning content, such as slide decks or notes into e-learning-friendly formats
  2. Create/customize content for existing LMS or upgrade to the Makonis LMS (an all-in-one system that combines a learning content delivery system with virtual classrooms)
  3. Conduct quality checks, editing, or copyediting of content
    • E-learning content
    • Website content
    • Marketing materials
    • Internal newsletters and communication
    • Training material
  4. Create other organizational content
    • Company newsletters
    • Marketing material
    • Company website content

AI-based content services

  • Unstructured Document Analysis
  • Text and Video Analytics
  • Automated voice-to-content processing
  • Emotion Analysis

Learning management services

We create custom designed content on our Learning Management platform to cater to the learning needs of an organization, with a mission to make learning easy, enjoyable, fast and cost effective.

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